A wonderful book and new writer & illustrator!


The Internet is an amazing place most of the time.  I am friends with a brilliant illustrator who is also a writer named Nancy Armo.  We both share a love of…MOLES!

Her brand new book was just published and is titled A Friend for Mole.  Nancy sent me a signed copy of this fabulous book!  I love her illustrations and her technique as to how she produces the artwork is amazing!

Cover art

Here are a couple other samples of Nancy’s lively and beautiful illustrations:

Mole Nancy ArnoNancy Armo

I love my birthday card that she made for me!

If you love books about special friendship, and an endearing main character, I cannot recommend this book enough!  I bought a copy for my 3 ½ year old great nephew and he loves loves LOVES the book!  I knew he would.

Well done, Nancy!

Good things for the goslings!


I am fond of saying that the goslings in the Gossie & Friends series of books have a life of their own, with or without me.

At the end of February my Dutch publisher, Gottmer, participated in a surprising event called the “Nine Months Fair”.  This event is geared to mothers-to-be and new mothers.  It attracts between 45,000 and 50,000 visitors!

This year Gottmer went all out with their display of Gossie & Friends/Gonnie & vriendjes!  AND…the very talented Ageeth da Haan performed songs from the official CD for the books.

Here are some photos to show you what a fantastic job Gottmer did presenting the goslings to the visitors to this incredible event!

Nine Months Fair 9Nine Months Fair 7Nine Months Fair 4Nine Months Fair 10Nine Months Fair 3Nine Months Fair 2Nine Months Fair 1Nine Month Fair 5

My editor at Gottmer sent me the entire display unit for Ageeth’s fabulous CD with a book of lyrics to the songs!  AND…my editor is sending me a tote bag or two!  Thank you, Marieke!

Meanwhile…here is the rough, rough colour study layout for Bedtime for Gossie & Friends:Revised cover.jpg

Slowly coming back to life…


1 March 2016

Where did the first two months of the New Year go?

I have been working slowly at the drawing board.  It’s been a year long struggle to get back to work with the confidence I had a year ago.  Molly’s death affected me more than words can say.

So I continue to struggle to find the joy in making pictures.

Meanwhile…while I struggle, here are three wonderful books that I love.


Little One

John and I are huge dog lovers.  Mary Sullivan’s lively, humorous, beautifully illustrated books capture the absolute joy as to what dogs love!

Little One is a beautiful story with understated illustrations.  What I love most about the book is the front cover layout.  Jo Weaver lets the title and the art take center stage and downplays her name.  Her name is as unobtrusive as can be so as to not distract the eye from the beauty and simplicity of the art.

I am working.  Books like these truly inspire me and help reassure me that it will get easier.

Lots of great things are happening with my own books.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library has selected Old Bear and His Cub and Little Cub once again to be part of her foundation’s book giveaway.  I am honored and pleased to be a part of her extraordinary work.

Front CoverFront Cover b

I work with the best editors in the world.  Literally.  A Bed for Little Cub is still on the drawing board and will be a beautiful book when it’s finished.  I just have to get the confidence back to tackle painting the finished pencil drawings.  I am always terrified of making mistakes when I paint.  Strange, I know.  But, there you have it.