The Vampire Collection Grows!


I’m having a great time searching for, and finding, odds and ends to go with my vampires: Nosferatu, Vampire Grygor, and Vampire Capolan.   Bats, bat cages, keys, skulls, bones, miniature tarot decks, trunks, candles, lockets, rats, etc.  I’m having several custom built coffins made for the 12″ Nostferatu.

It really is an international scavenger hunt conducted on the Internet and in person.

I am having a great time making the miniature maps, documents, bottle labels, relics, etc.

We have done a few photoshoots with John’s big camera and candlelight  Great photos!

Here are a few of the photos from that photoshoot:



And with my iPhone here are a few photos showing the details of the collection: