The hardest thing about writing is…


NOT writing!

I have a terrific idea for a new novel, THE WYTHES, and I’m dying to write the story, but can’t right now.   Not until I finish the illustrations for A BED FOR LITTLE CUB.   Having a story nagging at the edges of your brain is like having a small dog tugging on your pants legs and not letting up.

I have drafted out the “road map” for the quirky, funny story of this extended large family.   I know each family member’s personality, physical appearance, age, style and eccentric quirk.  I know what the main story line is, the twist, and the “deep dark family secret”.   I even worked out the genealogy for the family all the way back to 1575.   I’ve jotted down notes, snippets of conversation, dialogue, scenes, ideas for scenes, etc.   But, I can’t allow myself to do any serious writing until I can give the story my full attention—guilt free!

WHY do the best ideas always come when I can’t sit down with them and work them out completely?  The one thing I am never short on as a writer is ideas.  I’ve never had Writer’s Block.  But I do suffer from Illustrator’s Avoidance. ugga mugga.

Back to the drawing board.   Hopefully, in just ONE week I’ll be able to sit down with the Wythes and work out their entire story.  And then write about it!

I often ask myself:  Why is writing so easy and illustrating so hard???


This is what a picture book manuscript looks like (when I first started out as a writer and illustrator).

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