Working at the drawing board


Ollie at drawing board 2012

Tapping away at the keyboard is not a terribly exciting thing to watch or capture in a photo.  Instead here’s what working on an illustration looks like.  This photo shows me working in my studio at John’s house in Dearborn.

A Ollie antiquing map March 2010

When I draw and make medieval maps this is the “antiquing” process.  The original map is usually much smaller.  I have a photocopy enlargement made (18″x24″ or 24″x36″ or 36″x48″) and then proceed to stain it, distress it, paint it, etc.

Daytime 4

Back in January, when our Spring Spaniel, Molly, had leg surgery and could not go up and down stairs, I simply moved my studio drawing board to the living and camped out there for six weeks while she recovered.  We kept a cozy, cheery fire burning in the fireplace and Molly was happy as could be.   This photo shows the finished artwork for Gemma & Gus in progress (this book will be published March 2015)

Daytime 7

Illustrations being worked on.

ODstudio BEST

Me at the drawing board in the studio at Henwoodie.

4%22 Box

This is the original handwritten journal that I wrote when I was seventeen years old and old photos of me as a teenager.  The box contains the printed manuscript for my novel: 4″

The novel is based on this journal.

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