Winter at Henwoodie


Christmas tree and window

HENWOODIE IN WINTER: The snow finally arrived! Henwoodie now looks just like the cover photo here on my blog. We keep a cheery, cozy fire burning in the fireplace. Scout cannot get close enough to it and snuggles on the sheepskin rug sighing deeply with contentment. Of course, he likes his treats brought to him so that he doesn’t have to leave his warm spot. Maddy, of course, likes to be buried as deep under a pile of fleecy throws as she can get. Her treats are slipped to her underneath the throws. Fergus, Peedie, and Sophie stake out the back of the wide leather sofa so that they can watch all the coming and going in the house. And be easily accessible for treats. Bridey has to be on my lap, in my lap, snuggled up to me as close as she can get. She is a loving wee pup and has to have her kisses every half hour. She climbs onto my chest and put her front legs on either side of my neck and presses her face against my mouth to be “nuzzled” noisily. Thankfully, Molly and Gabe like to stretch out on the carpet and be fussed over every now and then.
Gabe is thrilled with the snow and wants to be outside every 15 minutes. He is the Guardian of the wee pups and won’t come in unless ALL the little ones are inside. I always know if I have left one of the little pups outside because Gabe will not leave the front porch.
Christmas music fills the house—both medieval traditional carols as well as Barbra Streisand singing about her traditional Christmases of days past. Strange mixture, I know, but it’s Christmastime. The fragrance of hot gingerbread wafts through the house. Wintertime is gingerbread time. I made certain to leave boxes of gingerbread mix at John’s house so he can have hot gingerbread too!

Winter is the time of year when I am at my most productive as both a writer and illustrator.  I like watching the snow falling outside while I am snug and warm with the pups inside.  Somehow the snow inspires ideas and energy to write my fingers off and draw and paint like a possessed elf.
Ah, winter!  So, happy winter, think snow, get out and play!

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