Spring Cleaning


I’m one of those odd ducks (or should I say goslings) that cannot function if the house, especially the studio, is a mess!  Spring cleaning has begun in earnest now that I am back at Henwoodie.

Cluttered Studio = Cluttered Mind and no productivity.

Uncluttered Studio = Uncluttered Mind and lots of productivity!

While I was in Dearborn John and I had gone shopping one day and bought a number of sturdy storage boxes.  I have to keep all my electronic cords and gadgets in one place and off the work tables in the studio.   Larger storage boxes will hold sketches and notes while I’m working on books.  Again, I like to keep things that I’m working on all in one place.

I had also brought quite a few new paintbrushes.  Gouache tends to be hard on watercolour brushes.  I buy inexpensive brushes that I don’t have to worry about ruining.  Whereas with watercolour I only use Winsor & Newton Series 7 sable brushes which can get quite expensive.

The pups are figuring out their spots to lay down while I sit at the drawing board for hours on end.    A small space heater is their personal heat source to keep them comfortable (the studio is unheated) and cozy.  Of course, they have a plethora of fleecy blankets to curl up in as well.  And treats.  And toys.   It’s like having pup daycare in the studio so that I can work done.

A Corner of Studio

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