I am a Writer…


I often say that I am a writer that illustrates rather than an illustrator that writes.  Writing comes much more easily to me than illustrating.  To this day I struggle with deadlines to finish the illustrations for any given book.  This ordeal has plagued me since 1982 when I signed my first seven book contracts.   It remains a mystery as to why I get so white knuckled when I’m sitting in the studio at the drawing board working.

But, there you have it.

It’s simply how I am as a writer and illustrator.

A Corner of Studio

2 thoughts on “I am a Writer…

  1. jhwinterauthor

    I know exactly how you feel. I have said I am an author/illustrator, and I love illustrating, but there is that moment of panic each time I begin. Before I know it, I have a beautiful piece in front of me and I get that same moment of dread because now I have to color it! Coloring brings the piece to life, but it can also ruin perfectly good line work if you mess up. It’s sort of a love-hate, but I definitely couldn’t live without it!

    Great post!


  2. You and I are very much alike! I’m not very good with colour. I’m much more confident in black and white. I have ruined so many illustrations when attempting to do the finished painting! Words are so much easier to deal with!

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