4″ by Gabe Hooton


IF you’d like to read yet another experimental writing style, go to Amazon and type in 4″ by Gabe Hooton.  This is an edgy, coming-of-age story that I wrote several years ago and self-published it on Amazon.  It’s written in a very terse, staccato style at the beginning and evolves into a more traditional form of narrative.

The book is written in four parts or four inches, if you will.

4″ is the first book in a trilogy: 4″, 8″, 12″.   The three books together cover ONE year in the life of a seventeen year old boy named Gabe Hooton who struggles to find his way in the world.  The measurements are the connecting threads in each book.

For example, in 4″ the reader learns that Gabe is 5’4″ tall and longs to just be four inches taller so that he would at least be of average height. OR…be four inches shorter so that he would be a dwarf and therefore be more interesting.  The pattern of four inches appears several times throughout the narrative.

4″ starts in January 1971 and ends in June 1971.

8″ starts in June 1971 and ends in September 1971.

12″ starts in September 1971 and ends in January 1972.

Momentous and life-changing events happen to Gabe in the course of this one year in his young life.

Cover Design 3

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