The Genesis of Wythe’s End


It was at 4:30 am on 24 August 2014 when the very first strange sketches were scribbled onto my desk blotter while I was working all night in the studio.

I reached the point where I simply could not draw another cute bear cub or gosling. I had to draw something completely and radically different.

Here are the strange drawings that poured out of the tip of my pencil:

Original Sketches

I called these odd characters The Wide Eyes.  I even spelled it The Wydeyes for effect.

I wanted to create an eccentric family along the lines of the Addams Family, Giles, Calvin and Hobbes, Li’l Abner, and so on.

Very quickly The Wydeyes evolved into The Wythes.  And just as quickly the Wythes began to take on a life of their own.

I always tell writers and illustrators: Never throw out your weirdest or roughest ideas.  Keep them.  You never know just where they may lead you.

From these strange sketches came two books: Wythe’s End and Little Red Riding Gosling.

Final Note: All you need is an idea. There is no great mystery to writing. You don’t need magic to be a good writer, but you can create magic with your writing.

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