Writing is bringing me back to life!


It is amazing how much writing I can get done each night in just a few hours.  Once I gave myself permission to start working on Wythe’s End again I am writing (or re-writing) between 10-25 pages a day.  I honestly feel like I’m coming back to life after a long, dark year of feeling out-of-sorts.

I first started writing in a journal when I was 12 years old and kept writing in journals all through high school and college and graduate school.  Writing kept me sane and balanced.  In college, in addition to writing prolifically, I also started running.  Between writing and long distance running I was the calmest, most energetic, happy person you might ever want to meet.

Writing has always been important to me and trying NOT to write was killing me!  I just might be addicted to words the way some folks are addicted to alcohol or drugs.

The one good thing that came out of taking a break from working on Wythe’s End is that I so many new and fresh ideas occurred to me as I began rereading each chapter and character bio.   Some small ideas, some big ideas, that make the story just that much more interesting and lively.

I am grappling with the title of the book again, of course.  I keep asking myself if Wythe’s End really sound enticing enough to get someone to pick up the book and want to read it.   Or, should I go back to the original title: The Secret of Wythe’s End?  Or, go all out outrageous with  The Deep, Dark Secret of Wythe’s End?

Once the book is finished then I’ll settle on the perfect title.

I am now figuring out just what kind of car(s) this family would drive.  They have to be nice cars, but not flashy.   Stylish, sensible, and practical, but expensive and unexpected.


4 thoughts on “Writing is bringing me back to life!

  1. jhwinterauthor

    Writing is the best kind of addiction to have! I’m glad you are finding your way back to it. Life can certainly get in the way of creativity sometimes. It’s never gone though, and it seems, yours has found a path back to you again.

    I like “Wythe’s End” but perhaps, “The Secret of Wythe’s End” adds a little more suspense to the title. Brainstorming here, what about, “The Mystery at Wythe’s End”?

    Creating titles never gets easier, does it? I still have a tough time with mine too.

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  2. I always say that when I’m not writing I’m reading and when I’m not reading I’m writing. There is something about words, language that fascinate me. Many years ago I had read an article written by a librarian where the librarian stated that any book that had the word “secret” in the title could not be kept on the shelves. I know that I always pick up a book that has the word “secret” in the title as well. I like both “Secret” and “Mystery”. I’m still leaning toward “Secret” because it’s the “family’s deep, dark secret” that the young narrator of the story is trying to discover and resolve.


    • jhwinterauthor

      “Secret of Nimh” and “Secret Life of Bees” come to mind. Both excellent stories. Both shelved at the library, and I know, because I happen to be employed there 😉


  3. Josh

    Its always been hard for me, writing, reading, some things seem so easy, logical, other things feel as though im climbing a mountain…the bars impossible to reach, that feeling of the impossable, i feel like thats what pushes most of us toward our bad habbits, me im an artist, addicted to drawing, usually have an eye for detail, but i dont know anymore. How can help others when I’ll never be able to help myself. I’m straight, insecure about a couple fetishes though, so i can relate.


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