Various details of the miniatures made for the Vampyre Room Boxes.

The miniatures to be placed in the Vampyre Room Boxes.
Interior of the dungeon beneath the stairs and upper platform.
Black and white photo with cobwebs added.
Two versions of antiquing white porcelain busts.
The busts are “antiqued” with gouache then fixed with a matte fixative/varnish from Japan.
Cramming everything in just for fun.
The candles are real miniature candles made by me. The photo was snapped VERY quickly.
The vampyre collection on display on the library table in the living room.
The collection as I add new pieces to it in the studio.
A few of the miniatures being made for the display.
Miniature prints made by me.
Egyptian scrolls 1
Egyptian Scrolls 2
Egyptian Scrolls 3
Egyptian Scrolls 4
Sepia version of scene.
Overall view of the items collected or made for the Vampyre Room Boxes.
Faux bat in display box.
Photo taken by John with his professional big camera.
Each of the silver lockets is filled with paper ephemera that I made.
Finding the tiny metal keys took a lot of searching and scouring the internet for sources.
There are dozens of chests and trunks stuffed with miniature books, scrolls, rolled maps, brass items, miniature glass bottles, rats, bones, etc.
Pile of miniature maps made by me.
I’ve been collecting and working on the miniatures for the Vampyre Room Boxes for about a year.
This was the first inexpensive vampyre that I had bought that started the entire collection a couple years ago.
And this was the beginning of the Vampyre collection!

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