PEARL is finally finished! I’m pleased with the finished art and changes to a few of the layouts that I made at the 11th hour. I am now hard at work finishing the art for PEARL’S LOST PEARLS. Both books will be published in Fall 2023 as a pair.

The early production boards before putting up the LARGE Production Board in front of the drawing board.
The new large Production Board that enables me to see at a glance layouts and progress of the book I’m working on at any given time.
Variations for the front cover. Pearl standing on the small haystack is the final choice.
Finished art in progress.
Me working at the drawing board.
A few pages from the dummy for PEARL.
Rough sketch for the front cover.
“Where are your pearls, Pearl?”
Two of my favorite pictures from the book.

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  1. Danielle

    We are so happy! I’ve been looking forward to your new Pearl book. I’m glad it’ll be out next year! My three year old loves your books and he started reading them when he was about 6months. When the pandemic first happened he was 11months and walked up to my husband and I to read Gossie about 12 times a day for months. It became his favorite.


  2. Joshua

    Hey, I Wanted to ask about your book, Hilda… it may be a coincidence.. I’ve never read it, Cant really buy a copy at the moment, but descriptions speak volumes, including the name, Oliver.


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