Still Writing!


Wythe's End Front 1  WYTHE’S END

I have written 18 of 26 chapters in a matter of a few weeks.  I still have not finished the illustrations for “A Bed for Little Cub” and am trying hard NOT to keep working on the new novel — “The Wythes”.   The writing is coming along beautifully!

John and I spent a week on Cape Cod and in Provincetown where I did the final research and fact checking for the story.  So glad I did!  When you set a story in another time (1994) and use real places you have to do the research and fact checking to make sure businesses, street scenes, views, etc. are accurate to the year.

We had the best time and I got all the research done that I needed to get done.   And I learned more about commercial fishing and Macmillan Wharf’s construction than you would imagine!

As soon as I get the illustrations finished I will wrap up writing and revising the first draft of the novel.

Meanwhile…Dollywood is adapting my book “Old Bear and His Cub” for a live stage performance that will open in mid-June 2015!  John and I will be flown down for the opening and I will do a rare book signing event—something I haven’t done for nearly 20 years!

Walking on the deserted beach at Race Point

Walking on the deserted beach at Race Point

Fisherman's Wharf in Provincetown

Fisherman’s Wharf in Provincetown

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