Christmas at Henwoodie


Terrace Mysterioso

It’s a rainy, wet, foggy day here at Henwoodie.   No snow for Christmas this year.  But, still, the thick fog gives the mountains and gardens a haunted, expectant atmosphere that is perfect for the holidays (if we can’t have snow, that is).

The first house guest for the holidays arrives today!  We are excited!  He’s a good friend and we always have lots of laughs and fun together.  And he loves ALL the pups!  He only has one wee pup named Eli—the sweetest pup you can imagine.

This afternoon I will drive up and over the mountains to pick up our fresh turkeys—one to cook on Christmas Day, the other to roast when my family arrives the day after Christmas!  We will be crammed to the rafters with people and dogs!  Just the way we like it!

Two large hams and more fruit, vegetables, fresh-baked good being delivered tomorrow will be on hand so that everyone is certain to find something that they want to eat and eat and eat!  The marathon baking begins this afternoon as well.  I’ll bake gingerbread cookies, oatmeal cookies, sugar cookies, etc.  Ed will make his family pies: pecan, apple, and cherry!

Ed's piesIn addition to all the roasting I will also make my famous chicken soup so that no one has to feel hungry while I’m busy elsewhere.

Cooking frenzyPots of soup!

photoA hot, steaming bowl of chicken soup—made MY way!

Thanksgiving tableThe dining room set for dinner.  And the Breakfast Room will also be set for dinner.  It’s like running a small inn or cafe!

New Year Eve dinnerTomorrow is Christmas Eve and is all the more exciting because John arrives!

Merry Christmas everyone.  May it be the jolliest ever for you and yours!

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