A New Year!


Christmas Tree 2014 1 Snow is falling hard here at Henwoodie on the third day of the New Year.  The bluejays and squirrels scramble for the peanuts we put out for them.  Song birds and mourning doves flock onto the birdseed, pecking as fast as they can before the snow becomes too deep. The holidays at Henwoodie were filled with friends and family visiting from afar and staying for most of the holidays.  John is now on his way back to Dearborn, Michigan, driving in treacherous conditions.  He calls every half hour to let me know that he is all right and slowly making progress.   Two hours into the trip he witnessed a number of cars and huge trucks spinning out and flipping over.   It will be a tense day of waiting for me until I know that he reaches home safe and sound. This afternoon I will clean and organize the studio after all the frenzy of wrapping gifts and storing everyone’s luggage there.  Tomorrow I will begin painting in earnest to finish the illustrations for the long overdue picture book: A BED FOR LITTLE CUB. Page 23 This is the year that I will finish the remaining outstanding picture book contracts (6) and will concentrate on the larger writing.  I have not allowed myself to write any more chapter for WYTHE’S END until I finish the first three picture books (hopefully they will be finished by the end of March). 2014 was what I call “The Lost Year”.  It was a difficult year and I didn’t get nearly as much work done in the studio as I would have liked.  But, 2015 is a New Year, a fresh start, and lots of revived creative energy! Happy New Year everyone!

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