Still in a slump…


Molly’s death has left me feeling more empty and unfocused than any other event that has occurred in my life. There is no explanation for it. It’s simply deep grieving.

When I find myself in a slump (I try to avoid the cliché ‘depression’) I have several sanity saving things that I do. First and foremost I read about other writers and artists and the struggles they endured and how they managed to survive. In addition to reading I also listen to these biographical books in audio format.

The two books that I recently listened to are: Charles Addams: A Cartoonist’s Life by Linda Davis and Looking for Calvin and Hobbes by Nevin Martell.

I’m not quite certain why I find reading about or listening to other creative people’s lives fascinate me so much, but they do. And more often than not I get inspired to get back to the studio and do my own work; create my own magic on paper.

It’s not always easy but the important thing is to not let myself slip into the ‘depths of despair’. After all, tomorrow is another day, as an insightful character once said.

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