Time to get back to work…


I’ve been in a slump for what seems like months, if not years, now.  Molly’s death has left me feeling more bereft than anyone might imagine.   But I really need to pull myself together and get to work on finishing the illustrations for A Bed for Little Cub as well as Ruby & Roofus and Pearl.   Then I can breathe a huge sigh of relief and feel like I’m getting my life back on track.

There is a project in the works that is about to be signed into official FULL SPEED AHEAD!  As soon as I know we are heading to Boston to sign the contract I’ll make the announcement.

Dreams really do come true, even after your worst nightmare.

One thought on “Time to get back to work…

  1. Constance Malloy

    I do hope things continue to improve for you. What a sad loss! I hope, once time has passed, something positive can be found in it all for you. Thanks so much for your entry regarding the Addam’s family. It made a host of memories come flooding back. Mainly, a very wacky neighbor of mine who once told me he could make me a Thing. I never asked how he planned to do it. With him, you just never knew.

    Take care and good luck with whatever awaits you in Boston.



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