Back in the studio


With each passing day I am feeling a bit more optimistic, less scattered in my thoughts, and starting to spend time in the studio being creative.

I have a difficult time simply sitting down and starting to draw or paint.  To get the creative juices flowing I usually pull out an old drawing and work on it or an old painting-in-progress and work on that.  Anything that will allow me to be creative and not feel too insecure and pressured.

This time around I simply printed out a jpg of the Projection Map of Old Farm and made a few cuts to try out an idea I’ve had in the back of my mind for about 15  years.

It’s a rough concept for a pop-up book of Old Farm and the goslings.  I like how this rough attempt came out (only spent an hour on it) and I can definitely see wonderful possibilities.

Old Farm cut out 1Old Farm cut out2B

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