Love this 19th century replica Travel Writing Box!


I get weak in the knees for any kind of wooden box.  Especially boxes with numerous compartments, secret drawers, locks, etc.   I found this replica 19th c. Travel Writing Box on eBay and bought it.   It is perfect for what I wanted it for—to hold all my pen holders, nibs, small bottles of inks, paper, sealing wax, sealing wax stamps, and more.

I absolutely love it!

3 thoughts on “Love this 19th century replica Travel Writing Box!

  1. Isabel

    Those boxes are beautiful. Looks like you are really organized. Your artwork is beautiful. I can’t wait to see your new note and/or Christmas cards on Etsy. Stay well.

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    Hi! Just picked up your Gossie and Gertie Book. I was attracted to it because of expecting our first Great GrandBaby Boy. The illustrations and writing content made me adore this book. The message about friends in this book hit home with me on a very deep level. You are very gifted! Thanks for helping me cope with a relationship problem through your book. A fan!


    • Hey, Roberta! Thank you so much for the kind words. They are very much appreciated. And CONGRATULATIONS on your first great grandson! The bond between friends or family and book characters has always been an important thread in most of my books. Gossie and Gertie’s friendship is quite strong. They are, as my youngest niece would say, BBF. Best Friends Forever!


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